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What are the features of simag planetary reducer

What are the features of simag planetary reducer

Simag reducer is originated from Germany, deeply ploughed into the Chinese market, constantly innovate products, and strive to become the leading brand of power transmission industry.
◆ the design of spiral gear of simag planetary reducer can bear more torque and instantaneous impact than the normal spur gear.
◆ simag planetary reducer has high precision and low back clearance of 0-3 arc minutes, and can be supplied within 12 arc points of standard type.
◆ the simag planetary reducer has the smallest volume in the same product, and is most suitable for limited equipment space.
◆ the design and processing of the internal ring and gearbox of simag planetary reducer ensures durability and low noise.
◆ the seal type full oil seal design of simag planetary reducer ensures that the lubricating grease is not leaking.
◆ the design transmission efficiency of precision gear with low consumption loss of simag planetary reducer is up to 95%.
◆ connection plate design, suitable for various factory brand servo motors and other motors installation, installation is the easiest.
◆ the internal components are made of high-strength alloy steel which is heat treated, which can cope with severe adverse environment.
High radial load can be borne by precision deep groove ball bearing.
◆ the closed output shaft is heat treated to improve the torsional rigidity and bear higher radial load.
◆ the shaft sleeve of siemage planetary reducer is made of rigid material and is specially processed to have elasticity and rigidity.
◆ the front and rear end covers are hard treated to reduce weight and prevent corrosion or scratches.
◆ the lock ring of the power shaft sleeve of Siemag planetary reducer can ensure that the motor output shaft and the reducer are tightly combined without sliding to transmit the torque.
◆ Siemens planetary reducer has independent output shaft structure and concentric combination with the single axis of the input shaft to improve the torsional rigidity and bear higher radial load.
◆ the unique vacuum carburizing gear of siemage planetary reducer has both surface hardness and toughness at the center, which not only resists abrasion, but also maintains high engagement precision under heavy load.
The planetary gear reducer with multi-stage deceleration ratio and high efficiency torque output is the best combination of servo motor, stepping motor and other precise transmission mechanisms.
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